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Love your skin with some Fresh and Friendly care With Rebecca Nelson’s range of exclusive skincare products, just by the looks of it, one can never be sure the product is a cake or a soap. What one can be sure of is the perfect purity and organic wholesome goodness for your skin and hair, with the added advantage of having some classy looking and heavenly smelling stuff in your collection of toiletries. For Fresh and Handcrafted, her unique brand of skin-care products, Bangalore-based Rebecca uses only the best quality of eco-friendly natural organic ingredients, that offer nothing but some tender loving for you. 

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Some TLC for your skin The products? You name it, you got it! From body butters, lip balms, hand creams, face washes, hand washes, shower gels, moisturisers, scrubs, masks, shampoo bars and face packs, Fresh and Handcrafted has it all. Almost every product can be customised with ingredients of your choice. Fancy a chocolatey lip balm or fruity soap? Or an organic tea tree shower gel or a coffee body scrub? An activated charcoal shampoo bar shaped like a flower or a cupcake soap? Fresh and Handcrafted caters to your individual choice of aromas, shapes and textures, with a wide range of ingredients to choose from. You can reach out with a request for lavender or cherry blossom scented products and it will be yours for the taking.

Gentlest for your skin and friendliest for the planet Most users have reported marked differences after using the products and vouched for their gentleness. The products are sulphate and paraben-free, and daintily packaged in biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging. She also uses jars and bottles that can be reused. Ingredients like French clay, lavender, activated charcoal, cherry, chamomile, grapefruit, honey, mango, tea tree, and other goodies of nature find their way into her products and she is constantly innovating with various ingredients. 

How the Fresh journey began Rebecca started off with a desire to make affordable and planet friendly skincare products, way back in 2017. Though she had learnt to make her first soap in 2014. “I had always been obsessed with brands like Body Shop and other eco-friendly/ fair trade skincare companies like Lush that are also against animal testing. While these are still very large, they inspired me to start looking up the basics of soap making and skincare products,” she said. Since she loved to bake, she realised that soap making wasn’t too different. “Imagine a batter that hardens into a firm soap,” she laughed. “Creating something new has always been a passion of mine, be it in crafts or cooking. This allowed me to create new things without having to eat them. I then discovered soap making wasn’t too different. I could play with colours, create new designs, add fragrances, there is a lot to explore,” she laughs. 

Eat it or apply it? True to her words, there are soaps that look like lemony or pink frosted donuts, soaps that you will find hard to differentiate from cupcakes or a slice of richly cream topped cake and shampoo bars that look like flowers. She also has a range of creams, shampoo bars, shower gels that leave your body and hair squeaky clean, fresh and invigorated, washing off pollutants and dirt with ease. 

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