How are homemade soaps made?

Soap making at Fresh & Handcrafted is not just a science but also has a little bit of art mixed in. Soaps are made with a blend of  Sodium Hydroxide ( mixed in water to form Lye ) and a variety of oils. Each oil added to a soap mixture forms a different result. For example, when soap is made with 100% coconut oil it forms a very hard bar of soap that has lots of bubbles but can also be very drying to the skin. Similarly, a soap made with only Olive Oil will form a very soft bar of soap which will have little or no lather. Bars made with Pure Olive Oil are perfect for newborn babies and people with very very sensitive skin as they are extremely gentle. At Fresh & Handcrafted I focus on creating new and unique blends using not just coconut and olive but also delicious butters like raw organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, mango butter & raw unrefined kokum butter. Each bar is carefully formulated to nourish and enrich your bathing experience. Who says bath time can't be fun!

Body nourishing creams & soufflé

Using a unique blend of organic and raw cocoa or shea butter, I have carefully formulated ultra-nourishing hand and body creams that come in a variety of consistencies. Soufflés are made from pure cocoa butter with enchanting fragrances that are whipped into a light creamy nourishing consistency. These are perfect for all times of the year. My hand and body creams contain enriching oils to keep your skin refreshed throughout the day. 

Are they edable?

Don't laugh. A lot of people have asked me this question. While I love being asked, the answer, unfortunately, is no. All these products are completely safe for your skin with no harmful chemicals and a lot of natural and organic ingredients. But there is some preservative in most of these products.

How can you pay?

To complete your payment via Google Pay or UPI 

UPI/BHIM: 9930023259@upi

Google Pay: beck.nelson@okicici

Or click on the below link - add in your details and pay the amount as mentioned on the left.


We are working on integrating a payment method within F&H 

What's the return policy?

I currently do not accept returns, but if you are truely unhappy with your order I can send you a replacement or gif youo your money back. I do this only on the condition that you provide me honest and open feedback. 

What's the shelf life?

All our products are formulated at home in a clean hygienic environment. That being said since all products are not factory-made it is recommended that you use them up with 6 to 7 months of purchase. Unlike store-bought items, that are made to sit on shelves for months, sometimes years on end, my products are created with a small percentage of paraben-free preservatives and should be used within a few months to ensure the freshness is always maintained. My soaps do not contain any preservatives.