Looking for a safe, healthy & affordable alternative to your daily deodorant? Or are you just struggling to find one that’s mild and yet does what a deodorant is supposed to do... DEODORISE! Then look no further. This beautiful concoction is designed to keep you feeling fresh for hours, will NOT clog your pours & doesn’t have a super strong over-powering smell. You simply need to apply a pea sized amount onto each dry underarm and wherever else you want to use it. Just rub it in & you’re done. Contains ingredients like magnesium chloride Zinc & nourishing oils that absorb directly into the skin Nourishing your skin & keeping it fresh all day. So no more masking body odour. How about getting rid of it completely. Smell fresh, stay clean. Designed especially for those with sensitive skin. This deodorant works for all types. Can also be customised to a fragrance of your choice. Looking to try it out for just a bit? DM me for a sample order* test it out and see what you feel.


*Applicable only in Bangalore. You will only need to pay for Dunzo charges.

All Natural Deodorant





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