Wonderful light and wispy unicorn whipped soap. Perfect for use from head to toe. This light and fluffy soap works perfectly for a fun shower, hair wash or even just washing your face. It smells like peaches and looks like a unicorn. Wonderful colours of purple, green, orange and yellow, all piped into a delicious jar almost good enough to eat.Instructions for use: Take a scoop of the bath and shower butter and rub in a wet loofa or wash cloth.  Work into a rich lather, wash, and enjoy the moisture rich, and cleansing bubbles.  To use as a shave cream, simply take a scoop and apply to the area where you want to shave - then shave! This is only meant to be used topically. Please do not ingest or use in very sensitive areas.  Please review the ingredient list and take note of any allergies.

Unicorn Rainbow 🌈 Whipped Soap